AN Global Holdings is an investment holding company with leading group businesses with divisions in Franchise, Business Brokerage, Consulting, Education, Technology, and Business Immigration. What unites our Company is a commitment to excellence across all of our businesses.

We have a strong and comprehensive network of business partners across the region. With our Head Office in Texas, we have extended our investment outreach. With support across the US and Australia, we are able to help clients buy or sell businesses in over 15 countries and offer more than 400 franchise opportunities. We have long-term investments in several countries, not limited to United States of America, Australia, Canada, India and Dubai.


AN Global

Corporate Office Locations

Our Head office is based in Dallas, Texas. Our Global presence has started in USA, Canada, Australia, India, Dubai and Bangladesh. We will continue our growth plans for 2023 until we have a true global presence.













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    "The future of prosperity belongs to those who believe in it, seek it, and invest in it.”

    Founder & CEO
    Avinash Nichkawde

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